Hello. We are MMC.

We are a boutique design and development studio, with a passion for creating bespoke, digital solutions, for everyday communication challenges.


What we do

MMC (Multi Media Creative Limited), are boutique. To us, this means that we provide personal service to our clients through dedicated project and account management.

This starts at the briefing stage, as we believe that time spent here will give efficiencies later on. We provide consultation and challenge on projects to ensure the solution, and its delivery, is right.

We will help to launch your solution, to make sure it fits seamlessly into your organisation – and will continue to give technical and account support during the life of the solution.

MMC’s design and development team are passionate about what we create. We use a range of technologies, development frameworks, standards and methodologies to suit the job at hand.

We have developed our own framework at MMC, but this does not restrict us, it gives even greater flexibility and agility.

It means we can build bespoke, or tailor existing solutions to your specific business needs, while keeping maintainability and flexibility for any future directions your business takes.

Our team love to be challenged, and to explore new ideas. We always brief our teams on the need, not the feature, because design and development is about delivering usability and solution, as well as form and functionality.

And we always build for the future.

Our Quality Management System, is built on GxP principles, and has been independently audited.

GxP principles and processes, give that additional layer of quality across the business that allows MMC to stay agile, but in control.

And this is not just in the quality of our development; it’s in a platform of excellence, and an attitude, that has helped us to be better throughout all our teams.

All this means that MMC is prepared to deliver quality solutions, from applications that deliver against your day-to-day needs, to fully validated systems.

About us

Multi Media Creative Limited, or MMC, is a design and development studio based in the North East of England. MMC has just celebrated its landmark 20th anniversary, having grown from a CD-ROM provider, to a developer of bespoke global communication platforms.

MMC’s longevity and success has been based on two simple principles: we want our clients to love what we do for them, and we want our team to feel immensely proud of what they do.

We always put usability first and foremost, and then push the boundaries of the solution, and the boundaries of what technology can do.

Ian McClellan

General Manager and Director

"I believe that effective solutions should be grounded in two principles – really understanding what your users needs, and then delivering something that truly inspires them into action. Whether it is a small piece of communications, or a big digital build, if you combine these two principles – then you are setting yourself up for success."

Emma McClellan

Head of Client Services and Director

"Exceeding client expectations has always been my key driver. I believe that fully understanding our clients needs from the very beginning is fundamental to achieving this."

Martin Colborn


"I've always had a love of creating things, whether that’s the solution to a simple problem or something bigger, its all about delivering the best results you can."

Aimee Greensmith

Account Director

"Providing creative solutions to sometimes complex conundrums is what excites and motivates me. I bring a range of marketing and communication skills to the MMC machine, as well as a love for searching for that one amazing idea."

Élann Carel

Account Manager

"Naturally determined with a need to continuously push the boundaries of client expectations. With a passion for marketing and using digital solutions to advance interactions within a business, managing projects at MMC is a thrilling and challenging role."

Jessie Condon

Account Manager

"Having that initial conversation with a client about an idea they’ve had to improve a current system to finally seeing it delivered as a fully fledged platform is something which has always driven me. Satisfying our clients needs with fully bespoke solutions is all part of the journey."

Janet Salvin

Office Manager

"I am a very organised and structured person. My role is to ensure the office runs smoothly which in turn enables the rest of the MMC team to fulfil their roles."

Costas Kyriacou

Design Lead

"I always strive to combine beauty with function, and work in a versatile way to achieve effective communication on different platforms."

Mariam Fuentes

Front End Specialist

"Passionate about design and the art of coding, and combining them to create a solution with optimal user experience, whatever the browser and the screen size is."

Lee Wilson

Technical Lead and Head of Development

"I enjoy finding the most flexible, agile and robust solution to a client's problem to enable their project to flourish and grow. I pay close attention to the technical detail, from the codebase right through to design implementation – making sure that we deliver something to be truly proud of!"

Yas Thompson

Senior Developer

"I've always believed if you're going to do a job, do it properly, especially when it comes to your work! This is what drives me to produce the best possible products for our clients every day."

Stephen Hanlon


"Challenging myself, and approaching each new task with enthusiasm, I'm committed to the development and refinement of a product that the client can be proud of. I always love to have a technical problem to ponder on and overcome."

Christopher Hind


"I'm driven by solving problems and pride myself in creating efficient and intuitive software."

Kelly Milward


"I'm a technology enthusiast with a passion for all things design & development. I love to keep up-to-date with popular digital trends which in turn, allows me to create clean, fresh, exciting projects for our clients."

Matthew Hornung

Content Manager

"I am very methodical and detail-oriented, which is ideal for content management and testing, and helps to ensure the quality of the end result. I always take pride in the output, to ensure that the client can also be proud of the solution we create at MMC."

Contact us

We’d love to hear from you, come and see you, or have you come to our offices, where there is always a warm MMC welcome

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